Our most unique & effective “Dental Professional” home kit has finally arrived. The SmileBox Pro Whitening System delivers professional quality teeth whitening results conveniently at home with no sensitivity. Recognize an Instant Change on Your First Treatment!! The SmileBox will quickly and effectively take your teeth from dull white, To Bright White OVERNIGHT!!! Beautifully packaged and great for a gift also, the SmileBox whitening contents are good for 4-5 treatments or more.

You’ll have No worries either when you run out of gel. Because when you take advantage of this kit, you’ll receive “FREE” Lifetime Gel refills for the rest of your life (just pay the $6.99 s&h fee with each refill) which is a value over $600 in itself!! Use the same product that 1,000’s of dentist use to get the best results nationwide!

Contents & Benefits

  • Handsome SmileBox Storage Container
  • LED Device to activate treatment gels
  • Thermo fitted mouth trays
  • Pre-Whitening Treatment (non peroxide gel)
  • Whitening Treatment (12% Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • Post Whitening Treatment (Remineralization Gel)
  • Instructions
  • Tooth Shade Guide
  • Instant Whitening Foam / Toothpaste
  • Good for 4-5 Treatments or more
  • Lifetime Gel Refill
  • Gel is made in USA, gluten-free, kosher and produces no tooth sensitivity
  • Clinically Proven / FDA Compliant Formula
  • Enamel Safe Ingredients
  • White Teeth Instantly
  • Effective – Affordable – 100% Safe

Buy Here for $199